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Welcome to Techno Dot Academy of Research and Development

Learn from technology-driven educators, sharpen your IT skills and revolutionize generations.

As an innovative partner of the latest technology, Techno Dot Academy of research and development aims to excel in education and research and innovation

Techno Dot Academy of Research & Development, an innovative partner of the latest digital technology,  aims to excel in education, research, and development. It unfurled its presence in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and inspired the personnel. The academy lays its emphasis on fostering workforce quality and promotes productive research that benefits a wider human community. Our mission is to deliver advanced IT education and to empower the emerging new generation to face the new competitive job market. In the new digital era of technology and development, Techno Dot Academy of Research & development provides a platform for learning from the Innovators like Microsoft, Google, and AWS.

Digital transformation is profoundly changing the business and tries to improve productivity and enhances customer experience. At Techno Dot Academy, Research and Development and Innovation consulting means imbue business with confidence to invest and innovate. To stay relevant in the fast-changing modern world, we offer an R&D&I business model. Before taking a product to the market, every organization must align R&D with strategy and ensure whether they have an exact Innovation management process. We dig deeper into the business and find gaps and loopholes to take the business to the next level. Our Innovation includes invention, customer value, and business model. We also train the employees to embrace the new change and well equip them for Innovation. Thus we solve the problem of technical risk, market risk, and training risk.

Design your education and develop your Career

Our future is focused on digital platforms. Digital and technology professionals are in rapid demand. Unlike traditional methods of certifications and graduations, Techno Dot Academy of Research & Development focuses on advanced training methods and provides a space for research and development. In the changing competitive world, traditional text-based curriculum and education may not help a student to meet the criteria set by the employers. The rapidly growing industry demands a pool of talents possessing employable skills. We have reanalyzed the general theory-based curriculum and applied a technology-based approach in our learning sessions to empower the students with useful IT skills, a higher level of problem-solving ability, interpersonal skills, and the ability to research and innovation.

We have partnered with globally recognized companies (Microsoft, Google, AWS) and Universities to provide a full-fledged professional and innovative education system. Our advanced programs prepare and equip them to meet the challenges of the changing world. We offer internships, in-house training, and live projects to familiarize the learners with working spaces. We train, develop and provide opportunities for research and development and innovation.

Join us in providing the world a better chance at education, changing the lives of millions, and impacting generations to come.

The great part about this goal is that there are tons of ways you can go about it. If you’re not properly informed, you run the risk of making lots of mistakes, and of potentially losing time and capital. we are here to guide you one lesson at a time.


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